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Registration for the 2020-2021 School Year is Open!

Dear Lee’s Summit R-7 Families,

Today, families can begin registering students through our online enrollment process.

Registration is NOT the same process as the Fall 2020 instruction declaration that we have recently asked parents to complete. It’s a process that happens every year so that the district can understand who is returning to the district and parents can ensure their student records are up-to-date and accurate.

We ask that all parents who plan on returning to the district — regardless of what model of instruction you recently selected for the fall — to participate in this process.

More information about the registration process can be found on this webpage:

Through the district’s online enrollment, families are able to complete registration from any location with Internet access. You must be able to log into your PowerSchool Parent Portal account to begin the registration process. This link will take you to the login page. The directions for logging into PowerSchool can be found here. If you have any problems logging in, please contact your school office.

Thank you, and have a great day.

Katy Bergen


A Message from the Cedar Creek Administration Regarding Re-opening Fall 2020

Dear Cedar Creek Elementary Families, 

We hope this email finds you each safe and healthy during these still unprecedented, unpredictable times.  As we ended the school year in May, we were very hopeful for a traditional start to the 2020-21 school year but it is now apparent that this will not be happening for our students, staff, and families.  We so wish we were writing our typical letter where we outlined all the back to school events and discussed new processes and procedures to help our school run smoothly for an upcoming school year. However, based on the email sent to all families this past Friday outlining the re-entry plan for the district and need for our parents to make an instructional decision that best meets the current needs of your student(s) and family by July 27, we are hoping that the information below will better assist you as you select either in-person instruction or the R-7 Online Academy for your child(ren).  As parents ourselves, we know we must all do what is best for our families.  

You will find more CCE specific information below.  Please know, as we live through this global pandemic, the recommendations change daily.  Our staff will be working over the next few weeks to prepare both for in-person and online learning environments to keep both students and staff safe.  Whether we continue educating your student(s) online or in-person, we love your children and want to teach them, celebrate their success with them, and support them through challenges!

The district’s guiding principles used in decision-making are:

  • The health and safety of students and staff is paramount.

  • The most effective instruction is delivered in-person by a teacher.

  • Other at-risk factors increase when students are not in school. 

  • Alternative methods of instruction must be provided for students who may be vulnerable.

  • Instructional approaches need to consider individual and developmental needs.

In-Person School

R-7 Online Academy

In August, students will be assigned a CCE teacher who will provide access to the guaranteed and viable curriculum of R-7.  Selecting in-person means that your student could attend 5 days a week, a hybrid schedule of 2 days at CCE and 3 days at home, or  complete virtual instruction online.  Which format will be determined by the district based on the Health Department and City, County, and State mandates/guidance which may change throughout the semester. 

In August, students will be assigned an R-7 Elementary Teacher who will provide access to the guaranteed and viable curriculum of R-7.  This teacher could be from any LSR7 school and could have students from multiple elementary schools in their online classroom.  This class will remain together for seamless instruction even if the district has to move to a hybrid schedule or virtual learning for all due to changing health regulations and mandates. 

Experience learning in live sessions in a classroom at CCE.

Experience learning in both live sessions via an online platform (either Schoology, our learning management system, or Google Meet) 

A Day in the Life of a CCE Student:

-Student arrival will be reorganized to accommodate additional car riders, and to minimize the number of students entering the building between 8:00-8:15 a.m.  Students will wear masks, as outlined in the Jackson County mandate.

-Breakfast will be reconfigured so students have access to breakfast without waiting in line.

-Students will enter their assigned classrooms and begin the school day.  We will space students out to the best of our ability.

-Hallways, common areas, restrooms, and other spaces will have new procedures to help minimize the interaction between students.

-Students will eat in the cafeteria, or another designated area (possibly classrooms or gym with tables/chairs), and be seated, every other table seat (no student next to them on either side or directly across from them at the cafe tables).  New procedures will be established for returning to the classroom.  Handwashing will occur before and after lunch.

-Recess procedures will be modified to allow each class to have an assigned area to play. Handwashing will occur before and after recess. 

-Students will attend music, art or PE.  We will increase the time between classes to allow for cleaning of the space/classrooms.  We will be thinking through projects and activities which do not need shared supplies, and sanitizing supplies between classes. Students will be spaced out to the best of our ability, as in the classroom. Handwashing will occur before and after specials.

-Student dismissal will be reorganized to accommodate additional car riders, and to minimize the number of students exiting the building. 

-Visitors will be able to use the intercom system on the outside wall to assist with most needed items.  In addition, a table will be placed outside to place items which a parent may like to be delivered to a student (ie, lunch, water bottle, forgotten item) at each office.  

-Throughout the day, students will engage in increased hand-washing/sanitizing.

A Day in the Life of an R-7 Online Student (they will always be a CCE Cyclone!)

-Students might participate in a class meeting with their classroom peers to start the day.

-Students will/might participate in whole group instruction in core content areas.

-Students will attend virtual music, art or PE.

-6th grade band/strings students will have virtual classes 

-Students will have the ability to work in small groups, receive one-on-one instruction and feedback from his or her teacher.

-Students will practice skills and/or work independently. 

– Students may need to complete an offline project as a method of assessment that might need to be dropped off at school, and other times the assessment might be delivered in a digital way where the student is creating digital projects such as a recording of themselves demonstrating their learning.

-Students should anticipate spending an average of 4-6 hours in all facets of school through the online academy. 

-Students who are enrolled in R-7 online may participate in extracurricular activities at CCE as they are available.

-There may be times where the parent will need to come up to school to pick up specific learning supplies or books for their student to use during their online instruction. 

– LSR7 Grade Level and Special Class teachers have been working diligently, along with their secondary colleagues to create an engaging, rigorous, yet viable curriculum for our online students.  We move to emergency online instruction in March, and while we certainly learned a lot, the expectations for online learning beginning in the fall will be more structured, will provide more engagement, and will require completed assignments, tasks, and assessments to both monitor growth and learning, provide feedback to students and parents, and assign grades/progress at the quarterly measures. 

When making your decision this week, this WILL be the format your child follows throughout the first semester (EITHER In-Person which could be 5 days at CCE, a Hybrid of 2 days at CCE and 3 days online, or full virtual instruction online OR complete online enrolled in the R7 Online Academy).  We will be making teacher placement and class placement decisions based on our parents’ selections and will not have the ability to switch instructional placements (from In-Person to the R7 Online Academy and vice versa) for students after the fact as this will drastically affect our teaching structure, class sizes, and ability to follow the mandates from the Health Department such as social distancing and capacity in buildings.  

Our district is continually updating the FAQ document on the district reopening page (  Be sure to check there for up-to-date information.  Thank you for your time.  Stay healthy and give your child(ren) a hug from us!


Jenifer Opie, Principal Melissa Hunter, Assistant Principal


Sharing Preliminary Fall 2020 Plans

July 17, 2020

Dear LSR7 Families:

At Lee’s Summit R-7 Schools, we’re proud of the way our school community, especially our talented staff, mobilized to provide for students as we conducted unprecedented, emergency virtual learning this spring in addition to providing meals, Internet connectivity, social-emotional support and other needs.

The global pandemic’s closure of our schools served as an important reminder of the role that public education plays not just in providing quality instruction, but supporting our students’ well-being and access to resources.

As we prepare multiple action plans to best equip us to address the pandemic’s continued impact on our school district, our goals remain to prioritize health and safety for our school family, improve and grow in our service to students, and ensure access to high-quality educational experiences.

We are eager to share our preliminary plans, informed in part by feedback from nearly 8,000 families and 1,600 staff members, for reopening our buildings this fall. Our plans have been built around the need for flexibility in order to align with evolving public health guidance and include recommendations primarily from the Jackson County Health Department, the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other local and state government agencies. It is important to note that these plans could change at any time as guidance evolves.

As stated earlier, we intend to offer in-person instruction and online instruction this year. While the district hopes to provide a traditional in-person environment fortified with additional safety and health protocols this fall, it is also preparing to implement a hybrid or all-virtual model in situations when public health officials determine some or all of our students and staff can’t meet in our buildings safely. An all-online option will be offered through our R-7 Online Academy.

The following resources have been created to help families understand our anticipated plans for reopening our school buildings this fall, as well as the instructional options we intend to provide.

  • Roadmap to Reopening report: This report provides an overview of the district’s preliminary reopening plans.

  • Frequently Asked Questions: These FAQs include more detailed information about anticipated 2020-21 instruction, health and safety protocols, and program procedures.

  • LSR7 Reopening Website: Our new LSR7 Roadmap to Reopening web page will serve as a home for information and updates related to the reopening of our schools.

We know our families have much to consider in anticipation of our school year. On July 20, families will receive a form with directions about how to select which option they want their child to participate in this fall. Families will have until July 27 to declare which option they wish for their student(s) to engage in this semester so that we can properly address staffing. (Note: All families must still complete the registration process, which starts on July 29.)

Please note the first day of school this year is scheduled for Aug. 26, 2020. We’ll continue to keep you up-to-date, answer additional questions and provide more information both directly and at

Our back-to-school efforts are informed by a mission to reinforce our learning environments with health and safety protocols that limit risk for our students and staff, allow us to provide effective, meaningful and engaging education, and support students on all fronts by meeting their unique needs.

To do that, it is critical that our commitment to safety in our buildings remains a top priority. Our plans call for the implementation of both new and refined health and safety protocols that will align with Jackson County Health Department guidance.

Uniting together in these uncertain times means in part that we all have a role to play in doing what we can to adhere to health and safety protocols for the good of our entire school community.

Thank you for your partnership, cooperation and support as we build a new reality together. No matter what the school year looks like, we are eager and ready to continue to prepare our students for success.


Katy Bergen

Executive Director of Public Relations


2020 Student Registration Update

Kindergarten Registration:  Those families that were unable to complete/submit the registration for their incoming Kindergarteners will be able to enroll on July 29th.  No unapproved registration records were saved when the portal closed on May 22nd.  Additionally, it is not possible to upload/attach documentation to the registration at this time.  Families should contact the school office on/after July 29th for assistance.  

Registration:  Online enrollment for the 2020-21 school year will open on July 29th. Walk-in stations may be provided as support for patrons who may not have the capability to complete online registration on their own.  

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